Referrals - WRAG

Please make yourself familiar with the information below this will help if the practice ever needs to refer you to the hospital.

If your GP decides that you need referring, a letter will be completed and sent to the WRAG team.

Your referral will then be reviewed and will either go for clinical assessment, if appropriate for the condition you are being referred for, or will go straight to the booking stage.

The clinical assessment is a detailed review of your referral letter and is carried out by a specialist clinician. This determines which type of service is most appropriate for you, based on the information that your GP has included in the letter.

Clinical review ensures that, if appropriate, you are offered a community based service for your treatment and means that consultants at the hospital can spend more time seeing patients who cannot be treated by any other clinician.

Once your referral reaches the booking stage, a member of the WRAG team will contact you to discuss the choice of treatment and providers available to you and, in the majority of cases, will be able to book an appointment for you. They may also be able to answer any other questions you have about the service.

If the WRAG team are unable to reach you, within 24 hours of your referral reaching the booking stage, a telephone call and a text message will be sent to you asking you to make contact (if your mobile number is on your referral and you have not opted out of receiving text messages). If you have not contacted the WRAG team and they have not managed to reach you after a further 24 hours, a letter will be sent to you asking you to contact them within 14 days.

If you have not heard from the WRAG team within 7 working days of your GP referring you, please contact the team.

  • Staff hold personable, local knowledge about hospitals, clinics and transport links
  • State of the art telephone system with a call back facility, so no waiting in queues
  • The use of Modern Means Communication such as Email, SMS and Web Chat will enable patients to make a decision and receive their appointment details instantly
  • Patients can trace the status of their referral and choose, chance or cancel their appointments at any stage, if they wish to do so
  • The WRAG team boasts a local rate number, alongside an 0800 number for both patients and providers to make contact
  • The WRAG team can converse in over 8 different languages, allowing ease of communication with patients where English is not their first language.

For any queries relating to the WRAG team, please call 0800 652 6926 (when calling from a landline) and alternatively you can call 01925 377520 (when calling from a mobile).

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