Practice Charter

What you can expect from us

Quality medical care provided by qualified clinical staff, with a referral to a hospital consultant if this is felt to be appropriate

A Clear Explanation of the treatment we propose to give you and an understanding response to any questions you may have.

Courtesy and Respect from everyone working at the surgery, especially with regards to your rights, privacy and confidentiality.

What we ask of you

Cancellations inform us as soon as possible if you will not be attending for your appointment. Telephone lines are open at 8.00am to 6.30pm. If you are late more than 10 minutes the GP may ask you to make another alternative appointment.

Tell us if you change your address or telephone number.

Be Patient If we are running late – on another occasion it may be you who needs the extra time.

Don’t ask for someone else to be seen during your consultation without prior arrangements.

Treat everyone at the surgery with the courtesy and respect that you would like to receive.

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