Push Doctor. 4 Seasons Medical Centre now offer video appointments with a Physiotherapist

We are now offering video consultations with First Contact Physiotherapists (FCPs) through a new partnership with digital clinician provider, Push Doctor.

By seeing a physiotherapist digitally, patients are still able to receive all the same exercise and treatment advice as with an in-person consultation, and can be referred on to secondary care or a GP if needed. Simply call the surgery and we will refer you to a video appointment, which will usually be available much sooner than a face-to-face appointment.

The introduction of our digital physiotherapist service not only provides patients with faster and more flexible appointment options, but also allows our GPs to dedicate time to delivering the vaccine and seeing patients that require face-to-face care, while also reducing footfall in the surgery to keep our patients and staff safe during Covid-19.

Click the link below to find more information about how video consultations with Push Doctor work. We hope you welcome this expansion of our services as openly and enthusiastically as we do.

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